Still Making Music Too…

I wrote this today. Through the midst of this adventure, work, and change, I had to make time to find a release. Most importantly, I didn’t want to lose sight of something I am truly passionate about, and that’s music. I tried to touch on some of the things I have seen and felt here, and looking back it will be kind of cool knowing that I recorded a song in Africa too haha. Also it’s been over a year since I released my first project. Had no microphone so it might not be the greatest quality, but I tried my best.

More Chune to come.

P.S. I am a Vikings fan so when I refer to 84, I’m talking about Randy Moss haha

2 thoughts on “Still Making Music Too…

  1. I love the message and the beat!! Can you teach me to rap? I am a fast talkeršŸ˜Š I loved your description of the mothers in Uganda with their children. I love you.


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