10 Day

Well Hello South Dakota, it’s great to be home again. I am in the final phase of my timeline before I go to Gulu, in fact, only 10 days until I head out! The hype is definitely getting to me and I can’t wait to be there. The build up of getting packed(which I have barely started), getting shots, moving my stuff back from California, combined with all the little things involved in moving to a completely different country has been getting the best of me this last month and I am ready to just be there.
However, through all of the thoughts and stress running through my mind, I am unbelievably thankful that I have the chance to enjoy some time at home with my family and friends. Because I will really miss you guys a lot.
But no time for sappiness though, at least not yet… 😉
Anyways, after reading my first post, I realized that I didn’t even mention what I would be doing in Uganda…ahhhh my bad haha…
I thought I would use this second post as an opportunity to redeem myself and inform you on my duties as a Production Fellow for Krochet Kids Uganda.
In my new position, I will be tasked with the responsibilities of understanding how our physical production flow wraps up into clean and clear tracking reports. The focus of the position will be on compiling the information, and compiling the information will be a team effort. I will have to build and keep a positive working relationship with all of the staff involved, while still getting the desired results on deadlines. I will be overseeing this process and making sure everyone involved is playing their part. The cross-cultural dynamic will bring a unique challenge to get even the simplest parts done on time, so I will definitely have my work cut out the first couple weeks!
Although I will be dealing with a lot of information, I am most looking forward to building relationships with the wonderful staff along with the beautiful women in our program who are responsible for making such inspiring products.
And that’s about as much as I can tell you about the position right now, considering I haven’t even started yet, so I’m going to stamp a “To Be Continued…” on the end of that cause I know you are on the edge of your seats waiting for more! Haha just kidding, well at least I kind of hope you’re looking forward to more…
Wow, 10 days before I leave, how crazy is that??? Well, Chance the Rapper made his debut mixtape in 10 days and called it “10 Day” and it seemed to pan out pretty well for him, maybe I’ll do the same in these next 10 days…
-Juke Juke
Chance the Rapper
– Patrick

8 thoughts on “10 Day

  1. What a leap you’re taking Patrick. We couldn’t be prouder!! There is a beautiful experience awaiting you in Uganda! We are so thankful that God blessed you with such a big wide open heart!! Those ladies will take great care of you!


  2. What a great adventure and experience !! You are going to serve this mission with all of you!! Please post and share !! Well done!!


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