! -_- !

I am writing this on my flight home from California and I just finished my Krochet Kids intl. internship and it was unbelievably refreshing. I feel like I have a direction along with a purpose in this life and I owe it all to my experiences with KKintl. I will be training all of January back in California to prepare myself for my next journey

And could you guess where that might be???

Think really hard about it, I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with Booganda….

Still have no clue yet? Wow Uganda be kidding me….

Haha now that was a terrible joke but should have made it pretty obvious, but if you haven’t caught on yet, I’ll be moving to Uganda, which is located in East Africa. To be honest I am so excited, so honored, so happy, so baffled, and slightly fearful. Not fear for my safety in Uganda, but fear of losing relationships I have in the States due to my absence. I’ve always taken pride in being present in my families’ and friends’ lives which is a challenge in itself…but living in AFRICA and trying to maintain those relationships is a whole different animal! I’m writing this now to hold myself accountable in doing my best to keep everyone updated, and I feel like this blog is the way to maintain interaction and relation with the people I care for and for the incredible people that have cared for me. So without further ado,

Welcome to Schuganda…


And bare with me as I get this whole blog thing figured out haha

2 thoughts on “! -_- !

  1. Pat I am so excited for you and super proud of you and the journey you are on!!! I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!!! Good luck and have fun! Xo


  2. Maintaining relationships while you’re gone is definitely the scariest part of moving to another country. I had those same fears before moving to Thailand, but know that it gets easier! So excited for you adventure Pat and I can’t wait to follow your journey on here!


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