Schuganda Sunset


I really can’t believe my time here is over. I love this place. I love these people. It’s a bittersweet feeling…I am sad to go, but so thankful for the new relationships, the new experiences, and the new man Uganda, specifically Gulu, has allowed me to become.

To start, I want to thank Krochet Kids for giving me this opportunity. You guys took a chance on me, and this experience not only helped me grow professionally, but personally as well. The personal growth I experienced is something I don’t know I could have ever achieved on my own. What you started in Gulu is something truly special. The ladies, the mentors, the staff are all unbelievable people with unbelievable stories and unbelievable hearts. And I was so lucky to work alongside such amazing humans. The love I felt there is something I will cherish forever.








Next I want to thank all my family and friends back home. You’re kind words and support never went unnoticed. My emotions were overwhelmed when I saw the final numbers for the Happy Kids playground GoFundMe, our goal was $900 and you raised $4,000. Speechless. You’re all incredible, and thanks for taking this journey with me.


To my Ugandan and expat friends. My life has changed because of you. You showed me how to love unconditionally and what an amazing impact a community of people can have on one single individual. My first 6 months were extremely difficult, I was sick a majority of the time, I was going through a difficult break up, and was living in a completely foreign and uncomfortable place. Despite all these things, you were there for me. You made a place 8,000 miles away from “home” become my home. And for that, I’ll forever be grateful. I love all of you, and I truly mean that, please keep in touch and keep being the amazing humans you are.



I think my good friend Frank Ocean said it best in his song Strawberry Swing,

Say hello, and say farewell
To the places you know
We are all mortals aren’t we
Any moment things could go
Cry, cry, cry
Even though that won’t change a thing
But you should know
You should feel
That I have loved
I have loved
The good times here
And I will miss
The good times here

And as for my next step, who knows, but what I do know is I have an incredible support system, and with that, anything is possible.

Schuganda signing off…

For now… 😏



3 thoughts on “Schuganda Sunset

  1. I am so proud of you. Any experience that teaches you how to love more deeply and live more freely and fully is one worth treasuring. ❤️


  2. You are such a kind soul. Your journey will be a lifetime memory and pathe the road ahead. God bless you with all the best.


  3. How blessed am I to be able to call this extraordinary young man my grandson ? Love you and words cannot express how proud I am of you.


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