Celebrity Guest Blogger: Ezekiel Herndon

Hey everybody!!! As I said in my last post, I was hoping to get another guest appearance from one of the best people I know. I don’t have to hope anymore because the moment has arrived!

Check out Zeke’s thoughts and feelings on his trip to Uganda:
Being in Uganda was a Unique experience.

Have you ever felt as if you were home but you weren’t home??
I’ve only felt it one other time and that was in Watertown at Patrick’s house with my second family. This time was different, it wasn’t just a family, it felt as if the whole town was welcoming me with open arms. It was my first time in Africa (definitely not my last) so I really didn’t know what to expect. Especially living in the states, all the media ever really shows about Africa is the poverty, and that’s true there is a lot of poverty. People live in huts and shacks and live off of maybe 2,000 shillings a day in Gulu (which isn’t even a dollar in the US). You never know when or how long electricity will be out. Hot water isn’t guaranteed and the weight of guilt being so blessed with those luxuries can definitely try to hold you down. However, it’s the things that they don’t show in the media that lift you right back up. The people in Gulu are blessed with extremely huge hearts and spirits that are out of this world. I would completely understand if the people of Gulu were mad and upset at the world, but they are far from that. Instead, they light up the room when they walk in, they show respect and integrity no matter what, and they are proud of who they are which was amazing to see. Especially because here in the US, that isn’t always the case and we are far more fortunate in terms of material things, which goes to show money isn’t everything. I could go on and on and would honestly be glad to if you wanna hit me up (909-200-7184) lol, but overall the experience was truly amazing.

I was even blessed with a suprise from my brother Patrick and was taken to see the Nile River. Wow, is all I can say when thinking about the amount of history that went down there and who all could have possibly walked the same steps as I did that day. As an added bonus I saw giraffes, hippos and elephants.
My trip to Uganda was amazing and I am forever grateful to Patrick for opening up and opportunity to do such a thing, I thank God for giving me the courage to go for it and trust that it’d be possible. And I thank everyone again who donated to our Go fund me and made this trip possible and the experience of a lifetime possible I literally couldn’t have done it without out you all and I appreciate everyone who donated……… Oh wait how did I forget the concert?!


The performance was amazing! That day I performed in front of more people than I’ve performed in front of combine probably lol. 14,000+ showed up in Lira for the iKnow music festival, which raises awareness of aids and HIV in Africa and offers free aids and HIV test to people who are there. I was surprised at the response we got from the crowd considering most people there didn’t speak English but the energy and vibe from the crowd was truly amazing and something I’ll never forget. Performing in front of that many people was humbling, but at the same time it felt like the beginning of something special. I can’t wait to continue to share this journey with you all.

Much love🌺
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P.S. We have a super cool video coming your way soon!

P.S. P.S. It’s way better than this one haha

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