Jackrabbit Fam x Happy Kids Collab

My time with Krochet Kids has given me the opportunity to meet some unbelievable women. One of those women is Lamunu Kevin (the teacher in the yellow dress in the video above) . During the war, most of Kevin’s family was killed and she was forced to quit pursuing her passion for education. She started working for Krochet Kids and worked in our program for 3 years. As she was working on the compound she noticed the amount of ladies that had to bring their kids to work because they had no place to go. Much of the ladies’ time was spent looking after the kids, instead of focusing on their work. She recognized an opportunity and decided to go back to school to get her teaching degree…

My time playing Jackrabbit football gave me the opportunity to form a brotherhood a bunch of guys that will last a lifetime. Sorry to name drop, but one of those guys is my best friend, TJ Lally, and he reached out to me and asked me what he could to help out the people of Gulu. An idea started to come to my mind…

Kevin eventually graduated from the KKintl. program, got her teaching degree, and saved enough money to start her own school called Happy Kids. Happy Kids also happens to be right down the road from our Krochet Kids compound. Kevin has provided the ladies a place to give their kids a proper education while they are able to work.



However, this last year presented some challenges for Happy Kids. The compound that the school is in doesn’t have a proper latrine or playground. Without these two things, Happy Kids would no longer be considered a school, which means it no longer would receive funding.

I talked to TJ and asked him if we could get the pals on board to help Happy Kids. He was all for it and rallied the crew to donate enough money to build the latrine. What a crew of friends being pals being dudes being a part of Happy Kids!

11224744_10207484415885487_6352568509614454304_oWe also received help from one of our MVP interns, Amanda’s boo, (shouts out to Isaiah haha).

If you are interested in helping us build the playground, feel free to Facebook message me or email at pschus7@gmail.com!


Here are photos of the progress:

This was the latrine before…


Almost finished!

Once again, thanks for all the love and support!

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